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New website

I'm building a new website.

I felt like it was time to relaunch my personal website. For all the time I spent getting certain elements of the static site configuration right, the design side never fully clicked. Writing into an ugly blog never felt rewarding.

So welcome to my 2022 weblog. It's built on a similar base: A next.js static site with typescript, markdown and mdx support (plus a bunch of plugins i didn't have to bother learning about), but I dropped my previous css-in-jsx approach for plain css with tailwind.css. I've enjoyed similar frameworks in the past, found them messy at times but want to give it another try. It's nice to see them already configured into a coherent, responsive site and I'm hoping to make some deeper style changes once the things is up and running. You can copy the repo yourself following some version of the instructions here.

The kinds of things I intend to write about:

  • Software development, and my own triumphs and failures as an engineer
  • Learning, education and how they intersect with technology
  • Witty observations that are too good (funny/original/deep) to share on twitter or other social media
  • Little tips and tricks to help you navigate life
  • My evolution as a crank and a curmudgeon no longer in the 'cool' generation
  • The state of the technology business today, its crimes and and its hubris

If this website looks like it's still in draft, congratulations! You have been granted early access to a beta build of Erik Online. We hope to reach 1.0 by mid-2023.